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Dita and I, the mushroom group, thought that our fieldwork today was gone when it rained heavily this morning. Finally, we decided to head out at 9 am when it was still raining lightly. We were amazed at how many fungi and how varied they were. On a single tree trunk chopped into 5 big logs, we counted almost 400 fruiting bodies of 10 different morphologies. Also to our delight, the way along the ridge was carpeted with these giant bright yellowish mushrooms. Wow!!!

Though enchanted with the beauty of the forest after the rain, we still had to go back quite early for this lecture on tropical bird ecology and conservation by Haw Chuan Lim. Most of us were exhausted after a long working day in the wet; however, we still managed to question Chuan Lim intensively! He then brought us to set up mist nets along the trail. Unfortunately for us, nothing got caught in our nets. But hopefully some early birds will get tangled tomorrow.