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After two days full of statistic “R” that makes me, Rrrgh…..! But today, is a Big Day!!! We went to the Crane and it took maybe 30 minutes from the headquarters by walking (our group had more than 40 minutes walking to the crane and we guess we were on the wrong track). When our group arrived at the crane, we were so astonished with the height of the tower and the gondola that took us to the top. I’m so excited and pretty sure my friends feel the same like I felt and eager to know what experience we will get from the top of the crane. So have you ever thought how it feels to have a bird eye view from 86 m above the ground? Or to be arboreal animal that spends a lot of time in canopy tree? In the gondola, from that height we have much beautiful different view to look at. Afterwards, unpredictable rain pushed another next group to make up their schedule. Unfortunately, one of the students is sick so he going to miss this extraordinary experience like we had.

After the crane, everyone is busy with proposal for their project because it must be finish due tomorrow morning.