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Don't worry; I'm not a narcissist if that's what in your mind from the tag line above.  My name is Muhamad Ikhwan bin Idris from Peninsular Malaysia.  BoBers* called me with one syllable, WAN (pronounced as 'one').  I was born on 22nd of December 1984 and I LOVE ANIMAL!!!
    I was graduated in Animal Resource Science and Management (zoology in other words) from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Borneo in 2006.  During the period of BoB* course, I was and now still a M Sc. postgraduate student in Unimas doing a project on lepidopterans, studying their diversity at the canopy and ground level of mixed dipterocarp forest, along with genetic variations,  in selected offshore islands and forest island habitats in Malaysia.  Even so, I love to deal with mosquito and maggots as well because they are cute! (kinda)
    I love outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, climbing or just simply sit in the rain forest, appreciating the nature.  It was like hitting a jackpot when I joined this course.  It had taught me on how to appreciate our nature not only visually, but also learning of its role, how delicate it is and how much possible destruction can be caused by human to them.  Being the 3rd largest island in the world and serve as biodiversity hot spot, Borneo sure to offer a vast amount of flora and fauna species, each of its uniqueness and how they interdependent one to another, the same way on how human rely on them.  Now I know the value of 'our treasure’; the nature.  It’s priceless…
Biodiversity of Borneo course is AWESOME!!!  Enough said.  He he


*BoB    -Biodiversity of Borneo
BoBers -BoB participants

Last updated March 2009.  Contact Wan at muhdikhwan_idris[AT]yahoo.com.my