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BoB 2008 Presents:

------------ Noor's Projects ------------

"Masterpieces are not single and solitary births."1           They come in threes.


Project 1

Comparison of Terrestrial Arthropod Composition between Sand and Clay
Soil Types in a Bornean Mixed Dipterocarp Rainforest

Coauthors: Shreekant and Karl PDF
Locality: CTFS Plot @ Lambir Hills National Park; Sarawak, Malaysia


Project 2

The Effect of Trash on Bornean Coastal Mangrove Communities
(abstract only)

Coauthors: Ling and Justine PDF
Locality: Pulau Gaya @ Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park; Sabah, Malaysia


Project 3

Comparing the Lichen and Bryophyte Composition between Mid-trunk and Basal
Regions on Trees in Bornean Lowland Dipterocarp Forest

Coauthors: Kwek and Will PDF
Locality: Maliau Basin Conservation Area; Sabah, Malaysia


1 Virginia Woolf, English author

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