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the Man, the Myth, the Legend


Quick Fact!
Noor Beckwith is a student at Harvard University (class of 2011) concentrating in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, and planning to obtain an MD and/or PhD.

 I remember falling into rapture at the notion of 'monkey cups', Nepenthes pitcher plants hanging high in trees, laden with endosymbiotic ants. Or at the thought of orangutans sleeping soundly in their arboreal nests. My earliest memories are, in this way, pervaded by a love of biology, ecology, and the tropics.

     Since my youth, I’ve fallen in love with the exploration of species interactions and natural history, with insects as my favorite group. During my high school years, my free time was devoted to zoology. Whether I was under the tutelage of my school’s science chairman, with whose zoological research I assisted; or attending insect ecology field courses; or working for the entomology and ornithology departments of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; it was this passion that drove me.

Quick Fact!
Noor's academic interests include entomology, ecology, specimen preparation, field work, surgery, and public health.

     Having come to Harvard as part of the Class of 2011, I am concentrating in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. I'm also working on my own line of entomological research in the Pierce Lab, which I plan to continue throughout the coming years. However, so far in my continuing studies of species (including ours) and their interactions, there has been no better academic experience for me than attending the Biodiversity of Borneo course this past summer.

     As I’d never been outside of the United States before this trip, tales of tropical adventure and enlightenment rang bittersweet in my jealous ears. Doctors Naomi Pierce, Noah Whiteman, and Andrew Berry cited their early visits to the tropics as some of the most formative experiences in their biological careers, and they all strongly urged me to immerse myself in that unique biome as quickly as possible. Hearing of this Harvard Study Abroad opportunity, I wished desperately to be able to follow their guidance and expand my horizons by attending, so I canceled my other plans and got on board.

     It was worth it. 

- Noor Beckwith

Quick Fact!
Noor's pasttimes include photography, skiing, lacrosse, meditation, chi cultivation, chess, and (occasionally) sleep.


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