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Author Title Year Journal/Proceedings Reftype DOI/URL
Beaman, J. H., Anderson, C. & Beaman, R. S. The plants of Mount Kinabalu

4. Dicotyledon families Acanthaceae to Lythraceae

2001   book  
Beaman, J. H. & Beaman., R. S. The Plants of Mount Kinabalu

3. Gymnosperms and non-orchird monocotyledons

1998   book  
Ibrahim, H. Diversity, Distribution and Some Notes on Gingers of Sayap-Kinabalu Park, Sabah 1998 ASEAN Review of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation (ARBEC)   article  
Larsen, K., Ibrahim, H., Khaw, S. & Saw, L. Gingers of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore 1999   book  
Poulsen, A. D. Etlingera of Borneo 2006   book  
Poulsen, A. D. Gingers of Sarawak 2006   book  
Yong, H. Magnificent Plants 1981   book  

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