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Project 1: Ant Composition on the Stems of More Toxic and Less Toxic Anacardiaceae Known to Human

Group Members: Ayu, Eni & Edna

This project was done in the CTFS plot in Lambir, Sarawak. My group (Ayu, Eni and Me) were interested in looking at ant composition on different members of the Anacardiaceae family. We looked at two species, Gluta woodsiana and Mangifera Foetida and chose Shorea laxa as control. The findings of our project is stated in the pdf link above. I learned a lot during the execution of this project. Proper knowledge and planning is very important, and one must not always rely on someone else. But the best experience of all was getting to know my group members. We laugh a lot during this project. Altough there were some differences in the way we think, but overall, this project was a success.

Project 2: Comparison of the Colony Size of Sea Urchin ( Diadema setosum) in Two Reef Habitats

Group Members: Nayana, Eni, Edna, Aless & Jovi

We did our second project at Malahom Bay, in Gaya Island. This was a very short but very fun project to work on. This time around, we were joined by two student observer from University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Aless and Jovi. The first thing all of us noticed while snorkelling at Malahom Bay was the Sea Urchins. When we were told to think of a project for the marine session, the only idea that we could agree on was the sea urchin idea. For this project, we decided to look at the different colony sizes of sea urchin (Diadema setosum) in two different habitats. The findings of this project is in the pdf link above.

Project 3: Intraspecific and Interspecific Competition for Breeding Site among Three Species of Libellulidae Family in Maliau Basin Open Shade Water Body

Group Members: Nayana,Wulan & Edna

For our final project, we did a behavorial study on three species of dragonflies nearby the Maliau Basin Study Center. It was intense from the very beginning, with almost everyone stressing out about project options. Finally Wulan, Nayana and me decided to team up and study about dragonflies. We looked at the perching behavior of three dragonfly species from the Lebelluide family (Neurothermis ramburii, Orthetrum chrysis and Tyriobapta torrida), and our findings are stated in the pdf link above. To make things more interesting, we were told that we will be presenting the findings of our final projects infront of UMS students and lecturers. We were very stressed, but also determine to make the best out of this project and make use of the resources around us.

BOB no. 9, edna