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My name is Ayu Savitri Nurinsiyah, but my friends always call me Ayu (pronounced ďI-youĒ). I was born in Jakarta (Indonesia) on March 2nd 1986 but I am currently living in Bandung, a beautiful cool and homey town near Jakarta. I got my Bachelor degree in Biological Science from Padjadjaran University in 2008. Now Iím taking my master degree in Environmental Science in Padjadjaran University.

Iím also actively involved in Bird Conservation Society (BICONS), one of the bird clubs in Indonesia based in Bandung. Besides bird watching, my other interests is in snail research.Iím very fond of travelling, learning and trying new things. Although Iím adventurous, hiking is on the bottom of my ability-list.

Having participated in Biodiversity of Borneo (BOB) had broadened my knowledge and experience about tropical biodiversity. Not only that, this course has made me tougher both physically and mentally. (Climbing Mount Kinabalu and Maliau Basin were the tests for me!!). But the most incredible gift from this course is a warm, beautiful and multiculture friendship.

I have a dream that one day people will notice me as ďLady of SnailsĒ, one of the snail experts in Indonesia or perhaps the world... Not because Iím having lots of snails in my house but because Iím determined to do more researches and gain further knowledge about this magnificent creature.

Wish Me Luck!

Ayu S. Nurinsiyah
Jl. Ende no. 4 Antapani, Bandung
West Java - Indonesia
(email & facebook ayu_nurinsiyah@yahoo.com)

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