Lambir Hills National Park, Sarawak: Project 1

Prey Composition of Nepentheses Pitchers in Relation to Pitcher Morphology and Habitat Type Sarah B. Federman, Ian R. McFadden
The genus Nepenthes inhabits a wide range of habitats across the island of Borneo. This study focuses on one species, N. gracilis growing in two habitats in Lambir Hills National Park (one at the entrance to a plot of mixed dipterocarp forest and the other on a busy roadside). N. gracilis has dual pitcher morphology, an aerial (hanging) and terrestrial (growing along the ground) growth from; each morphology was observed growing at both sites. We were interested in the possibility that aerial and terrestrial pitchers could catch different types of prey; to test this, we measured prey composition of the two morpholigies across both habitats. Using R for statistical analysis and field sampling methods, we were able to conclude that aerial pitchers tend to catch winged insects while terrestrial catch predominantly terrestrial insects. We found no evidence of a difference in prey composition across habitats.

Gaya Island, Sabah: Project 2

Fish Diversity and Distribution Across Different Reef Zones
Sarah B. Federman, Tim Treuer, Jesse H., Wayne Hsu