Taxonomic Observations

I conducted my taxon research on the crab population of Borneo. The phylogony of the crabs is shown below, from kingdom to sub phylum.

The reason I choose this group to study was the fact that in North America, crabs and their relatives are restricted to habitats that are in or very near the oceanic coasts. Here in Borneo the situation is different since there are land crabs from several species that occupy forest sites even hundreds of kilometers inland. During our course, the sites that had visible crab populations were limited to the swamp areas in the Lambir Hills National Park in Sarawak, the logging plot at Daramakot, and the Gaya Island park. In total, I was able to photograph and 6 separate Brachyura species and 2 unphotographed Anomura species. The list of true crabs(Brachyura) is: Fiddler crabs, 2 spp. of Ghost crabs, and reef crabs all observed at Gaya Island. There were also 2 spp. of land crabs that I observed in Daramakot and Lambir. The Anomura were both hermit crab spp. found on Gaya.
The photographs of each species and their locations are included below. I was unable to identify species names for many of the examples, but those that I could find are also listed below.

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