Hi! I'm Mona Octavia Sulai!

My Focal Taxon. The Phasmids.

Insect collections at FSC, Sepilok

The stick insects are of the order Phasmida and often called the ''walking sticks''. They are varied in body shapes and sizes and the longest insect in the world definitely comes from this order. Stick insects are herbivores and feeds on foliage from where they are collected. Their body are usually smooth, long and slender although some appear to be rough and stout. Some stick insects are capable in flying and their body colour matches and blends well with their surrounding. As their name suggested, they look almost exactly like a stick or a twig and therefore, camouflage themselves very well to avoid being spotted.

Here are some of the stick insects that I have found during the course!!

Haaniella echinata Haaniella echinata
species2 Unknown 2
Dares kinabaluensis Dares kinabaluensis
species5 Unknown 5
species9 Unknown 9

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