Project 1

The Effects of Light Availability and Soil Type on Forest Structure

Participants: Megan Bartlett

Abstract: Forest structure- measured as the proportion of individual plants in multiple growth form categories- was compared between shale and clay soils in the Lambir Forest CTFS plot, and correlated with canopy openness. It was found that clay soils supported a higher proportion of understory growth forms compared to shale soils, and that these soil type effects were independent of canopy openness.

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Project 2

Marine Invertebrate Diversity Along a Reef Gradient at the Tunku Abdul Rahaman Marine Park

Participants: Megan, Ruchira, Bekti, Ben, Eka, Ian

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Project 3

Effects of Seed Density and the Occurrence of Multiple Masting Species on Terrestrial Predation of Parashorea Fruits

Participants: Megan, Charlie, Sarah