AMaZiNG AdVenTuReS at tHe HeaRT of BoRNeO

Once upon a time in the wild..
where ground still brown, the leaves still green and the air remains fresh...
A group of 21 person..
simply come from all over the world..
gather to discover the WilDerNeSS of BorNeo..
aNd that's when the JoUrNey beGiN...


GaYa IsLanD

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is a State Park created to protect the natural enviroment, including the coral reefs, marine life, the fauna and flora. This park is named after Malaysia's first Prime Minister wich comprises of 5 islands; Gaya, Manukan, Mamutik, Sapi and Sulug Island. We've spent five days at Gaya Island to learn about marine ecosystem and conservation. Introduce with coral reefs, fishes, methodologies, doing observation and mini-project on a group.
And in the second day we had a chance to visit Sapi Island to compare the coral growth form within in Gaya Island. Wavy and shaking trip for 30 minutes boat ride was so thrilled, but the water litle bit murky and the wave also not so friendly, we only have a 30 minutes observation and go back to our island
In this island we life at tents and having sunrise and sunset scene luxuriously just right in front of our tent, everyday!! yet the lunch in an open table with sunny but windy weather. Its fabulous!!

DraGonFLy TaXoN

Dragonfly is member of class Insect, order Odonata which known as the best flyers among insect, they have a great ability as aerial specialist and developed rather impressive aerial acrobatics. Dragonfly order divides into three sub order; Zygoptera, Anisoptera and Anisozygoptera. Anisozygoptera is an ancient sub order wich only found at some streams at Japan, so commonly we can only found Zygoptera and Anisoptera.In this course I am interesting to find out their distinctive and similiarity in morphological character and Phylogenetics similiarity. I cacth the dragonflies, taking the pictures and then releasing them after

PlaCeS to VisiT


AmaZinG CrEaTuReS

LieS BeNeatH tHe WaTer

pOiNt iNteReSt